POINT#1:I think the book was better than the movie because the book had more details than the movie. When i was watching i was amazed that they acualy took out so many good parts that was in the book.For example the movie left out the part about aries.Now sereasly people would leve that out.Aries was a crusial part of steeling the bolt and slowing Percy, Annabethand grover down.they also missed the part were Percie meets echinda.This event led to a important part in the story.this part would leed to percy getting the last reason for saying that the book is more detailed than the movie is that they left out the part were Annabeth played with serbrous. this gave people a peack into Annabeths personality.Without this part in the movie people wont beable to see her because lots of good seanes were discared from the movie make it lifless.would people go and see a lifless movie.NO they if you want to watch a movie thats missing lots of peases just go to the store and buy the book and save a few bucks.

POINT#2the second reason for the book to be beter than the movie because they have better and more caracters.for example claries was left out. she was one of the meanest chacters.another caracter that was in the book was Aries who was a rivle of percie.