Dear mom and dad,

I really want a laptop. A laptop will help me do my home work because I don’t have to wait an eternity for a website to download. Also sometimes we can’t go on the internet so I can’t go on Study Island and do my homework. The internet also doesn’t work when it rains so I can’t go on the internet to do research on the computer or Study Island. Another benefit of having a laptop is that I have more time to do homework. I say this because we get on the internet faster and I’ll get on Study Island faster to therefore having more time to do work. That means the faster it gets done.
I know what you’ll say. You’ll say that I am not responsible enough to have a computer and that I will play games on it all day. That’s what I could do. But it’s to much work getting all the games I got on your computer so I just want it for doing homework on.
The last reason I want a laptop is that I need it for communicate with friends’ teachers and for homework and other stuff. I can also talk to friends when they are away or when I am away. Also I won’t have to use your email address anymore. Isn’t it really annoying to check your email all the time, just for me? So it would be a whole lot easier to just get me a computer. Bye.


affected People Paragraph

me having a labtop would affect my teacher because he gives me homework to do like typing my essay up and your always on the computer so i cant type it up.not only will my english teaccher will be afected but my math teaccher will be efected to because she makes use do study island every week.she wouldnt be yelling at me enymore for not doing my homework.