Ch1 Taken over

I am an 8.5 men size shoe stuck in this silent box of doom named Macys and once I get out of this accursed box I will take over the WOURLD!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA .'Hey mommy why is that box talking’ a small boy said outside of the box. ‘Can we buy it, can we pleeeease buy it. ‘The boy said again. 'Oooo fine' the boy’s mother said and then the boy opened the box. This was my chance to take over the world. When I was in clear aim of my target I then jumped out .I hit right on. As I was making my way down to his feet everyone saw me talking and crawling on the boy’s legs and but I was on my way. Mayhem broke out as replaced the boy’s shoes with me.

As my evil genius poison rush through the boys legs he stared to jerk. Then he was jerking violently. His body was putting up a good fight but my poison is winning. As the boy fell to the ground blood and unneeded organs like his stomach liver and digestive organs started to be spewed from his mouth and nose. At this stage of my plan the body has lost the war and the poison has taken over. At this point the swat team was outside along with the paramedics, the best doctors around, dieses experts, and the quarentiners. Within the blink of an eye they had the Macy’s prison all quarantined.

Ch2 Escaping the prison

Great, they are coming in. I need to make my move and I have to make it quick. I command you minion to stand. My minion is actually listening. As the zombie minion gets up blood dripped out of the body. “Drip drip “it splattered on the floor. Come on I almost made it. Then suddenly men rushed in the room. Where did they come from? They took out their guns. This is not my day. Suddenly their sub-machineguns went off."Sssscccrechhsssssssss" went the high pitch scream of my minion. Then after I showed them what I was made of I attacked.

I lunged without warning and clawed and bit through the suit of some of the men that entered the room. Their lungs filled with air and made the last sound that those men would ever think and make. Then my minion bit all the men in the neck and the poison replaced my minion’s saliva and rushed through their body. They started to jerk violently back and forth and blood came out of their nose. There unneeded organs then rush out of their mouths and my poison had worked. Later I dumped the kid’s body and put myself on the leader of the dead swat team crew that came in Macy’s. Then I put the suit on that had tearing it and left through the back door.

ch. 3 Food in the parking lot

After I made the exit through the back door of Macy’s I was starving. I needed souls and hearts. To my surprise there were barely any people out here. Where are all the people? I started to walk around but once they saw me they fled with horror. I hope this guy can run. My minion I command you to run. My minion started to accelerate. With me as the shoes that my minion is running in he goes faster. Then I jumped and flew towards my victim like a leopard pouncing on it’s pray. Then I bit through its neck and ripped out its throat.

That was delicious. I wish I could have more of this delicious meal. That was a good soul. Hey what’s that? Hey what do you know, I’m lucky today, it’s a group of reporters.i accelerated across the parking lot and nobody has seen me yet. Then I got real close and pounced. I hit two people leaving them immobile. Then I lunged at a whole other group. I got five people but I missed my target, a big tall person. When got back up I saw some blood draining out of his eyes. That’s weird I thought because all his blood was already drained. Then he drove away. Dang that would have been a good meal. I turned around. ‘‘What should I do to you'' I said aloud.
One of the not knocked out people said ''well you could let us go.''
"That is the wrong answer." I exclaimed. Then I lunged forward and all I could hear is high pitch screams.

ch. 4 Road Killer

after picking though the all the bodies it started to get a little dark. So I got the keys from someone’s belt and figured out what car it was. Then I started the car and I was off. I got on the road and started driving. I thought cars were easier to drive. Man my minion doesn’t know how to drive. Then I remembered that I was the one controlling my minion. I bumped into cars. There were screams and crashes plus blood splattering everywhere. As I raced down the highway with at least 15 sirens chasing me I thought this is crazy. Is there anything to throw back at them .Then I looked over my shoulder and saw lots of television equipment. I got out of the driver’s seat I got everything loose, opened the door and throw it out.

I need to get back to the driver’s seat before I crash. Surprisingly I hadn’t crashed. I looked back and then suddenly I saw flipping and exploding cars. After that catastrophe I thought that the police people would stop chasing me but they didn’t. I tried to warn them but I guess they didn’t get the message. Eventually they started shooting at me. Right now I noticed that I needed to make a clever escape so I wouldn’t get in trouble. Suddenly I saw my chance, it was a tow trucks with one of the ramps going down. I turned hard right crashing everything right of me and rode on the ramp. The car flew and I was out of there.

Ch 5 Stuck
Flying through the air I thought it was amazing. But only till I hit the ground did I know how serious the crash was. On impact the car caught on fire but I was stuck. My arm was impaled in the ground and glass was shattered all over me. The fire is getting real close to me. I’m on your feet and that is where the fire is, if I burn I can’t control you. So I ripped my minion`s arm off and escaped the burning inferno.
I started running away from the crash site. I was also missing a lot of teeth and fingers. I heard someone getting closer. I hid in a bush and when they walked by I attacked them and bit them with the teeth I had left. Within a few minutes one of them was my new minion. It will be hard to conquer the world but I will do it. Lots of lives will be lost and a lot of blood will be shed. But I will do it.