Some parents think that girls are better for parents than boys. But it is realy the other way around.

Lets think about it, boys have always been the protective people in the family.Ever since the beginning of the human race boys were warriors and protectors. They were protecting what they care about the most , their family and land.Boys will even protect their younger siblings from bullies.I can see it now....bang, a rober breaks into your house and tries to steel everything you got . Who do you think has a better chance to chase the criminal away, a boy or a girl. Obviously the answer is a boy.

Another reason why boys are easier is that they are low maintnance.They do not care so much about how they look and what they are wearing.On the other hand girls are all about fasion. They want the newest and the most expensive outfits, shoes,makeup,bags and jewelry.Also you cant forget about the new hairstyles, manicures and pedicures that will cost you big bucks every week.

Although girls are cute there is doubt in my mind that boys are better and easier for parents to raise.Boys are low maintnance,way cheeper and less drama than girls . boys are awsome!!!But if you dont argree your crazy because even 16 out of 16 6th graders agree with me.So how in the wourld do you think girls are beter than boys