"With one success a thousand failures lie forgotten, but with one refusal to try, a thousand successes may prematurely die."
is probobly a quote that meny people can relate to.I think this quote means that if you sucseed once you wont care or even remember all the past failers you had but if you give up after a few bumps in the road you will miss all the opertunities that lie before you. this quote ultimitly can relate to almost everyboby.

As i was saying this quote can realate to many people therfore this quote has some truth to it. This quote to me means that after many fails and just one sucses you wont care about all the failures never the less forget them.For example in fith grade i tried to get into this group that played football on resess . At first i got neglected. Then i tried for many more times and then they let me into the group.After that i forgot about all my failuers and atemps to get into the group. But if i just gave up after a failurer or two i would never get into the group.See the second part of the quote goes exactly with what i just siad about it,if i gave up that i wouldnt be able to get on the team.

This can also aply to people in the buisness for example you fail, fail, and fail some more but if you suceed once, it could change your life and your buissnes forever.There is no sucses in a busness or in enything else without chalenges or failures along the way but never give up .Dont give up because you failed once because people who didnt give up are probably geting a job position you could only bream of.

With many failures a lesons are learned. And after many failuers you will learn not to do something a certaine way or to do everything you can the right way and eventuly you will sucseed becase youll have that knowlage.

writing two

A pleasent supprise happens to everybody but i had a pleasant suprise just today.I call it a pleasant supries because i wasnt really expecting to get it but i did and from the most unexpected person.

Right after the hardest swim of my life, it was five 200 yard sprints on 2 minutes and 30 seconds, coach Pete said to do cooldown. I was relived.I swam the 175yard cooldown and then one of the other coaches named coach Andrea told me to come to her.'oww no' i thought, when ever i have to go see coach Andrea its never good. But then she said something un expected and it suprised me alot. She told me that i swam very good and fast and she said that i should swim fast like i did every practice.

This was a pleasant supprise because she never gives complIments to enyone, not even her own doughter.After this i felt very special. Although this seems like a little thing,well its not for me. My goal in life was to impress coach Andrea and i finaly did.This was probobly the nicest thing she said to me.

Although this doesnt seem like a pleasant suprise it was for me, this shows me that i can do good.This is my pleasant suprise and it was probobly the best pleasant suppries i had ever had in swiming.