Alaina Corp

Alaina Enoch

I would like to be hired by Mr.Poole and work for poole industries as his apprentice

Work experience
1. from 1993-1995 i worked for Ben franklin elementry school as a subistute
2. from 1996-1998 i was a teacher at edison high school
3. from 1999-2004 i was the prinicable at jp stevens high school
4. from 2005-2009 i was in the running for coming mr.poole apprentice

Community Services

1. worked at a soup kitchen
2. dontated money to hati
3. visted children in a hostiptal
4. help clean up a river

Skills and Abilities

1. have great computer skills
2. have good hand and eye cordination
3. have good writing in english
4. won teacher of the year award


1. goes to texas A & M collage
2. divison 1
3. opening up a school in 2 years

169 MagnaAve
Philagelphia, PA, 19047

Poole Industries
171 poole ave
Figa Islands 19875

Dear Mr.Poole

my name is alaina enoch part of magna.Magna should be your apprentice because we have great goals such as to be organized by keeping everything in our portfolio neet and organised with everything. Magna would like to keep every paper in the portfolio sorted by name and date.Also, when magna gets into class we would like to put our stuff under our desk for extra space. Another goal is to try our hardest as a team not to fight and never give up by thinking positive. Magna will be the best we can be everyday and everysecond of the day
Magna would like to get hired for mr.poole industries because mr.poole can help us get a better education. Also magna can start a school with or teachers,accountings, and our business manager.we also have an ivy league representive. magna can also can solve big problems with our 2 accountings. Aslo magna can get the job done!
magna is trying to achive the job as mr.pooles apprentice because we would like to become more safistacted and well making and high ranking bussiness majors

Dear Mr.Poole,
hi im Alaina Enoch and im here to tell you why magna should be your apprentice!
magna should be your apprentice because we are a group that can help you get the job done.
Magna is a high ranking group with an ivy league and 4 divsion 1'S in high majors.
Also, magna is good with computers and writing letter because our accounting and educations.
magna is made up of Alexander,Christohper, Nicholas,Alaina,Arooj

Magna, is a strong corp. with 5 people from Edison NJ.
Magna is in process of making a commerical for poole cola.
in our commerical we are using a target addience and trying to get poole cola up in stocks.
also, magna is organized with there profilio and didnt lose a paper.
magna wants to become your apprentice because we have the brains and we have the smarts to prove it.

Magna also wants to become your apprentice because we can gets your stocks up by getting you free signs.
Also, magna can get shirts with your name on them so whenever the person wearing your shirt walks around they will be showing off your name.
Also magna will help your stocks get up by selling your products with emotional appeal to young kids and teens.
Poole Industries will go nowhere enless they hire magna.
so hire us today :)

alaina enoch