You’ve children probitaly have herd the story of Cinderella and her perfect life with prince charming. We’ll I’m Cinderella’s mouse who sews her dresses! Yeah you probitaly find this a little weird, a mouse talking we’ll I’m hear to tell you what Cinderella does when the cameras are
not rolling. CHAPTER TWO Long long ago there was a girl know as Cinderella. Cinderella was know to be a maid but was that true? NO it wasn’t , Cinderella was always up to no good. She wasn’t a maid she was doing her chores like everyday its not like her sisters don’t do chores because they do. But on this day she had to over dramatize because it was her sisters first time every going to the ball, cause you had to be 16 and it just happened to be that the annual summer ball was on there birthday. Cinderella was jealous and had to make her mom look bad infront of the video men.The next thing you know Cinderella is making away for her to look better then her sister infront of everyone with her evil plans. CHAPTER THREE That night cinderella sat up intil the EVIL WITCH got here.YEAH you herd me not the fairtygod mother she tells everyone about.I hate how she is always telling people that her life is perfect wellt that "FAIRYGOD MOTHER OF HERS" is so not fairy shes goth all she wears it black cloths with skulls on them and she doesnt have a pointy witch hat she has a normal vbase ball cap you can tell shes a witch because she wears long gloves to jhide her razor sharp claws and also witches are basld and this GODMOTHER of hers wears a wig! CHAPTER FOUR ok its time to move on about that subject or is it her witch frie d was over last saturday and she killed cinderellas cat and then made a spell for cinderella to rule all of neverland, and if this happens we are DOOMED soo help! 4 days later cinderlla was acting wierder than wierd she was in her room for 4 hours a day singing this wierd tribal song i guess the world was going to be over!CHAPTER FIVE well since u basictilly know whats going on with cinderells lets fast foword intil 3 years later cinderella went to jail for killing prince charming because he came home late one night and she thought he was cheating but i havent seen cinderella since! she always writes to us to bail her out but we kept her money for ourselves now we are getting even for everything you did cinderlla so next time you come into town (which will never happen again) dont come looking for me your sister and your step mom well be on a trip around the world! so thanks for listening to my story tune back in 25 years hen cinderella gets ut of jail!!!!!!!!!!!