​currently the issue of the students class trips are being attacked everyweek with numbers and words. the teachers want us to take in all the information the same way everyday, and it gets boring. every day teachers expect teachers to take all this information in and then half of it gets out of our head there is just so much to learn. so before class trips are cancelled make sure you hear my issue why they need to stay.

the 1st group defended is the students. us students dont need a high classy trip to a 5 star resort. We just need a nice fun educational trip to the planetarium. most students just want to get out of the building. can you see it the students just zoning out in the middle of class thinking about how they can beat level 22 on call or duty ( cough cough joe ) . alot of students would just fool around ( cough cough alex ). some students will just sit at there desk and drule. they would be sick and tried of there dull boring room. thats why us students need to defend our right for our class trips.

the 2nd group effected is the the plantetramuim because with there work and not having te students come to the planettramium they will lose alot of money and get fired. i mean i can see it now cobwebs all over and died out towns. with a dule rooms in school kids would just drop out and come obessive and die because in schools will just close if they get to boring