Alex Neuenkirch

LA,California HOLLYWOOD ST. 24943 732-723-6789

‚Äč To become Mr.Poole`s Apprentice.
1996 TO 2000. I worked on wall st.
2000 to 2004:I helped dow jones increase 40% within a week.
2004 to 2007:I worked with christopher hernandez .
2007 to current: I went back to wall st.
Donated blood to a blood drive
donated $100 to haiti
Donated to homeless people in new orleans
volunteered at homeless shelters
I can speak fluently in 6 other languages.
Got straight a`s through high school.
I played basketball for Notre Dame
I am CPR certified
Currently attending Notre Dame .
Graduating in June .

121 Magna ave Poole indusrties
Hollywood , CA 08867 171 poole ave
March 15 , 2010 Figi islands 010-1987

Dear Mr. Poole ,

We are Magna Inc. , we are made up of: Aroooj Rana a buisness manager from Wakeforest university, Christopher Hernandez an accountant from Dartmouth university , Nicholas Peterson a chemist from Texas , Alaina Enoch a teacher from Texas A and M , and lastly Alex Neuenkirch from Notre Dame University.Magna is a company that would like to achive the goal as mr.pooles apprentce.Magna will be the best we can be everyday and everysecond of the day. Alos magna is capable of opening a school and would like to help Mr.poole that way.
Magna is also a positive group that never thinks negativly is any way. we mite talk alot but Alaina always happens to get us on task to get the job done correctly with out a doubt. you should chose Magna for your Industries!
from ,
Alex Neuenkirch

121 Magna ave. Poole Industries
Hollywood , CA 09245 171 Poole ave.
March 24 , 2010 Figi islands 010 -1987

Hi we are Magna inc. we are made up of Arooj Rana , Alex Neuenkirch, Alaina Enoch , Nicholas Peterson , and Christopher Hernandez . We should get our ad in Poole Illustrated because we can make poole cola the most drank and purchased soda in the United states.We can make caffine free poole cola and poole cola caffine , as you know obesity is an epidemic in the U.S. so we can make poole cola with no sugar in commercials we can show an obeise person before and after sugar-free poole cola.