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· **Pigeon Forge Gem Mine**
2865 Parkway • Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
Discovery awaits you at this mi ne where you can live a prospector's dream and mine for rubies,... map @15 and up
Then you will go and eat at

**Alamo Steakhouse**
3050 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
(865) 908-9998

Fifth Day
You will hang out at the Bar & Club Scene--To find out what's happening, pick up a copy of Sevier County's daily newspaper, The Mountain Press, or check their website at Pigeon Forge does not have any bars or clubs -- there are no liquor stores and you can only buy beer in the grocery store and drink wine and beer in restaurants. Therefore, the usual nighttime options -- bars and clubs -- are a little different here. Comedy lovers can find
Then you will go and eat at
Flying Horse Grill
This new restaurant has managed to top our list of the best restaurants in Pigeon Forge, TN as it is a completely unique experience with original and delicious menu options. This is a restaurant that is fun for the entire family while also offering a wide food selection guaranteed to please anyone. Click on the link above to read our full review and see a few of the amazing dishes available only at the Flying Horse Grill!
2485 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863-3228

Sixed day

There's much to see and do on the outskirts of majestic Smoky Mountain National Park, where strip malls and fast-food joints compete with quaint historic towns. So when you tire of bargain shopping in Pigeon Forge's outlet malls or scaling the pedestrian-friendly cliffs of Rock City near Chattanooga, get out and explore the rural countryside, where time seems to stand still.Then go eat at
**Huck Finn’s Catfish Chicken and Steaks**
3334 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
(865) 429-3353

Last Day
You will pack your stuff and go and eat at

**Log Cabin Pancake House**
(*Insider Note: This has long been a favorite place to eat breakfast in Pigeon Forge, TN since it opened in 1973. We highly recommend Log Cabin Pancake House on your next visit!)
4235 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863


The party scene~

Do you like parties? Well Germany is a
Non-stop party! Through the hotels,
The clubs and the “extras” we know
If you’re a fun loving girl or guy
And you want to have a fun time
With that person you love so deeply
Then Germany is your first place to stop!

The super secret travel agency will give
You that non stop party feel!


Image the steep green lively mountains streaching far across. You are part of this scene, exploring the world beyond your imagination. You are climbing the beautiful mountains of Switzerland. Watching the blue waters of Switzerland rushing down the green mountains and you are peering down in the excitement and the fun of hiking in Switzerland. This is the vacation perfect for you, hiking down into the adventures deep in the mountains. Switzerland is the place for hiking. You can find the perfect mountains with places to stop by. You can great deals for hiking. The mountains of Switzerland is different than any other mountains in the world

Raj, Victor, Sayyed and Uzair_ Rocket Travel Agency Website-

Cate (period 4/5)

Germany is full of forests and mountains perfect for hiking. Every hiking trail is possible in Germany.There are many inns and hotels dotted along the sea and mountain trails that are always there whenever you need a rest. The Fichtelgebirge Mountains used to be taller than the Alps over 540 million years ago. They are still tall today, and hiking there is like hiking on a gemstone! They're also many villages on the plateus of the mountains, so every village you stop at is sure to have a great view for a party! And it's all at an affordable price! The Black Forest is also another beautiful hiking area located in Germany! Beautiful lakes line the trail along the valley, and lots of plants still alive from the Ice Age! There is so many more places to go hiking, too. Some examples are the Baravian Alps, Hunsruck, and Teutoburg Forest! Germany offers many hiking trails that are perfect for parties!

We will provide you with the tools you need to go hiking in this wonderful country. Because of it's so many natural landscapes, Germany is THE spot to go hiking in. As you walk through these wonderful natural landscapes there will be tour guides along the way to help you. We will walk you through the national parks, beautiful mountains, massive waterfalls, and glistening beaches of Germany. In fact, there are also many different ways you can go hiking in Germany. Instead of walking along a trail, you can boat or kayak along the river, or maybe ride a bike near the sandy beaches and mountains. No matter how or where you hike, Germany will be sure to blow you away!

Local Getaways (also by Cate)
You want parties? There are many parties in Germany! In Germany, there are tons of local getaways, which means tons of parties! One example of a fun getaway would be Schwäbisch Hall. Schwäbisch Hall has many half-timber parks and summer concerts! There's also Hockenheim Racetrack. When you go to Hockenheim Racetrack when there's a race, it's promised that you'll have fun and get 100% excited! Other getaways also include Schwerin Castle, Trier, and many, many, more! Lake Constance is the most reccomended of them all! This lake is dotted with beautiful towns that are not to be missed! Germany's getaways are always full of parties!

To get you to these wonderful getaways, we will lead you out of Berlin. (That is, if you are in Berlin, which you should be.) This is the most reccomended way by tourists to get to wonderful getaways. We will lead you through the wonderful getaways of Germany as you sit back and relax. And if you're not satisfied with one getaways, (which probably won't happen) we have an expert guide to the BEST getaways in Germany and we'll push the pedal to the medal and run over to another getaway suitible to your liking! Germany will make you fall of your seat (not literally) as you enter the fun and local getaways in Germany like Schwäbisch Hall. Germany is a full-time party when in comes to getaways!

Pareema- Sports- period 4/5
Think of the olympics for a brief moment... Oh, how nice it is to view the sports competitions! The pride in the players... The competivity between eachother. The mad skills they's all just so wonderful if you think about i! Now, it's your chance to become a your own olympics! There are sports like swimming, soccer, tennis, volleyball, and track and field games. As you hop in the game, we guarantee you'll feel like a sports champ! If you like sports, germany is the place to be!

There's two options with our sports program. You can play a nice little competitive game against your partner, or play as a team, against another young couple. With our two options, you get a FREE of no value sports authority gift card worth of $25.00, or a shirt that shows you were a part of our very cool sports program, To have a blast with sports, you can join us! Sign up for our fantabulous sports program TODAY! Our cheap price will be worth it on the volleyball court!

Pareema- Outdoor Activities- period 4/5

Germany is perfect for sightseeing, nightlife, and much more! Although it may be ideal for those things, it's also extravagant for outdoor activities. The wonderful outdoor activities keep you in shape and make sure you have a blast in Germany! Some activities include hiking, canoeing, skiing, and even boating! As you are with us, you will enjoy various activities located in the crusted hills, terraced vineyards, towns, and the green forests. To be active, and to have fun at the same time, you should tag along with us. We guarantee you'll feel positive about the activities!

As you boat along the sea, we will provide you with delicious food and drinks on-the-go! Whenever needed, we will provide you with your "treat." You may be thinking, "How is this possible?" In fact, it is! We want you to stay boosted with energy as you are having fun. Even better... IT'S FOR FREE!!! When you sign up for outdoor activity fun, you get benefits in every single way! Now, I suggest you sign up for our outdoor activities, to me, it's worth every penny! That's us alright! LESS MONEY, MORE FUN!!!!!

casper explratoin 2/3
The exploratoin in the bahamas is like no other you take a tour of great legend bob marleys house and oprah winfrey house or just hang out at the hotel which has wonderfull pools and slides all over atlantis.Thats why they call it atlatis the city of atlantis the city of fun and and extravagence you can also hike around the swamps/forset filled with unique animals olny availble at the trails of the bahamas in comparisoin to the other 'staying spots' bahamas is a vacatoin spot filled with amazing thin gs your eyes will ever behold you will also find out to be a scuba adventure waiting for under the ruins their. You will also have fresh water showers and and beachs but still to discover the local cusine with the local shops were itis buzzing with spirit and people their waiting with the local hancrafted meories and gifts the people their also have the cusine of their own and if your home sick or just tired of eating the same thing there is hamburgers and other american food but you will never get tired of the food


Outdoor Activities in the Bahamas

Outdoor Activities in the Bahamas

Outdoor Activities in the Bahamas

In the Bahamas there is a whole lot to do. You can go to Atlantis, to go stay for 10 days. Also while you stay there is a tour that lasts 2 hours. In the tour there are water slides, a rock wall, and a sun deck. In the outside of the Bahamas you can go to the Beaches, Lagoons, and BBQ’s, Beach sports and much more!!! There are golf courses, dolphin cay.

For golfing we found 2 great golfing places to go. One is The is
As you can see the Bahamas is a great vacation spot for anyone that likes outdoor activities. IT’S BETTER IN THE BAHAMAS.