How to post your Glog on the Wiki
Step one: Go to and open your glog
Step Two: Open Glog by clicking the “edit” button
Step Three: Click “Save and Publish” and save
Step Four: Click “View my Glog”
Step Five: Scroll down to the bottom of the Glog and click “Embed in my page”
Step Six: Highlight and copy the code in the bigger box
Step Seven: Go back to the wiki and go to the section “Lightning Thief Glogs” and find your page
Step Eight: When you are in your page, click Edit and than find the “tv” looking thing in the edit bar (it is the embed widgets button)
Step Nine: Once open click on “Other HTML”
Step Ten: Paste the code into the box and click save

Rubric for Glog

Element in Glog Total Points Possible

Valid Links (minimum 5) 40

"Baseball Card" information 40

Pictures (minimum 5) 10

Additional Information 10


Videos 5 points each (if valid and relates to character)

Sounds 5 points each (if valid and relates to character)