1. Create a page for yourself titled "(Your name) Mood" (Example: Mr. Poole Mood).

2. Choose from one of the choices below and write creatively.

3. Once complete, read through classmates work and comment positively.


1. Write the story of "Mary Poppins" with a dark, evil spin.

2. Write the story of Shrek as a horror story.

3. Write in the perspective of an object (pencil, shoe, desk...) that is planning to take over the world.

4. Write about a day in your life from the perspective of someone who you see everyday.

5. Write about a day at school from the perspective of the person sitting next to you.

6. Write your favorite nursery rhyme as a horror story.

7. Write about a summer vacation Disney World that goes horribly wrong because all the characters are evil.

Uzair Mood Period 1

Sayyed Mood Period 1

Raj Mood Period 1

Keshav Mood Period 1

Adam Mood Period 1

Corinne Mood Period 1

Nic Mood Period 1

Alyssa Mood Period 1

Victoria Mood Period 1

Jenna Mood Period 1

Lia Mood Period 1

Taslim Mood Period 1

Priya Mood Period 1

Victor Mood Period One

Debby Mood Period 1

Yasmin Mood Period 1

Nick S Mood

Nick P Mood

Casper is awesome Mood

Brianna Mood

AlainaElizabethMarie<3 Mood

Deee Mood

ViamaniLorealChapman<3 Mood

Alex Mood

Siulyy:) Mood

arooj <3 Mood

Mike Mood

Monica Mood

Brian Mood

Rafael Mood

Chris Mood

Donna Mood

Ayshe Mood

LaBreya Mood

Kailash Mood

Ilona Mood

Neethu Mood

Farah Mood

Cate Mood

Noopur Mood

Tiannaz Mood

Kenny Moo Mood

Srijan Mood

Kristina Mood

Tyler Mood

Pareema Mood

Gayathri Mood

Fanny Mood

Omkar Mood

Nicole Mood

Dishen Mood