Remember Your "Steps" Tool when writing open-ended response :)

Step One:

Restate (claim) (Pretend you are in court in front of a judge and STATE YOUR CLAIM... straight to the point)

Step Two:

Evidence (Proof from text or reliable source. Make sure you credit the source you take from) This also MUST point back to the claim and help prove that your "claim" is true.

Step Three:

Explain (Answers the question "Why or how is my evidence relevant to the claim?" "Why or how is my evidence important to proving my claim?")

You will repeat Step Two and Three at least two more times (Three times total) before you do Step Four

You can mix the order of the "evidence" and "explain" if you like but they work in pairs so each pair must connect to each other AND the claim

Step Four:

Restate Claim (End by restating your claim in a different way)